carbonate device - isotope ratio mass spectrometry Finnigan MAT251, Kiel2 carbonate device

ICP-OES system Thermo Scientific iCAP 6200 ICP Spectrometer, Ultrasonic nebulizer CETAC U5000AT+

core cutter succeeded to the machine from Nagoya University and Geoact

milling machines SAKAI machine Tool MM-250 S3, own invention

measurement microscopes measurement microscope Nikon MM-400, Keyence degital microscope

X-ray photography SOFTEX M-60, degital x-ray sensor

Sample preparation room (WET)

Equipments:draft, ultrasonic bath, Milli-Q, refrigerator, centrifuges, water quality meter (pH, salinity, DO, temperature)...etc.

Sample preparation room (DRY)

Equipments: milling machines & drills, microscopes, oven, ultrasonic bath, ultrasonic homogenizer, air compressor...etc.

Sample depository for coral cores, slab & powder samples

Diving and Coral drilling equipments

Capillary Electrophoresis Agilent 7100

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Picarro L2130-i Analyzer

Total Alkalinity titrator KIMOTO AAT-15

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– Charles Darwin